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Closer airport: Oporto

Prices (not including travel costs):
€30,- Reduced rate
€60,- Normal rate
€90,- Sponsoring rate

The reduced rate is only for the three first subscriptions which ask for.

Age: 16+

Maximum number of participants: 15

We garantee:
Travel from Oporto to Valdozende
A program with a lot of fun ans spirituality

You need to bring:
Sleeping bag
Personal hygiene objects
Musical instrument, if youhave one
Practical clothes
Energy and a good spirit

If you want to be part this project, please ask us for the registratrion form:

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Valdozende - A reference to Portuguese Methodist Youth

The Evangelical Methodist Church of Valdozende is located in Minho, a region near the Natural Park of Gerês. Despite being one of the oldest Methodists Portuguese community has already 39 years of history.
Inserted in a beautiful natural landscape between the river and the Mountain, the church of Valdozende has been an important milestone in the life of the Portuguese Methodist Youth Department and all youth who passed through it. Beautiful forests, green paths and waterfalls touch the hearts and minds of visitors who promise to return one day to find themselves, meet the nature and meet God.
Initially the young people had an important role in building the Church giving its contribution through work camps, where young people from around the country and Europe came together to help on the construction of the Church and Social Center buildings. Work camps were also moments of conviviality, praise and spirituality, which created strong bonds of friendship and faith.
Later the Portuguese Methodist Youth Department began to organize funny summer camps, which still take place at this location so special and magical that is Valdozende. These times of great sharing, humor, leisure and adventure, expression through art, worship, prayer and communion become unforgettable.
But why this place?
Because in VALDOZENDE we feel closer to GOD ...

CinA Project Portugal

Why CinA Project in Portugal?

Since the early history of the Methodist Youth in Portugal that exists a desire in receive and share with youth from other countries. This desire grew up when several young people from Portuguese churches were together with other Europeans in work camps in Valdozende and ecumenical or Methodist meetings in Europe.
In Europe, the countries where Methodist youth are organized are represented in the EMYC - European Methodist for Youth and Children. EMYC council in 2006 was held in Porto. It was a great challenge, a unique and enriching experience for our young people. There were opportunities to make known Portugal for young people from across Europe and learn about other cultures and different ways of worship and praise God.
So, since 4 years ago we feel the desire to do a new activity with young people from other countries with different cultures, to all learn from each other and share our God.
Thus, as the EMYC promotes social assistance projects called Cina (Christian in Action), the DJMP applied for a project to renovate some rooms that belongs to the church of Valdozende. The answers were positive and encouraging. So in August 2010 we have the CinA Project Valdozende!